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Upload 1 song in 10 countries The 45 rpm Upload 1 album in 10 countries The 33 rpm

Muve Music

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As a Muve Music user, your phone and your music are one. Your mobile plan includes a music subscription. Strength: Bundling. People don't have to think about which service [...]


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Rdio works on your desktop, Android, BlackBerry, WIndows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Sonos and Roku systems. Strength: Access. Let fans discover your music on their preferred devices. Store type: Downloads [...]


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New! Revibe is an on-demand music streaming service that caters to electronic dance music (EDM). It's the first niche music streaming service to offer listeners one-of-a-kind, interactive DJ functionality [...]


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The #1 streaming & download music service in the Middle East & North Africa.Strength: Local focus. Reach new fans in the growing Middle Eastern & North African music market.Store type: [...]


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An on-demand social streaming & download music service with a library of over 15 million tracks.Strength: Social integration. Akazoo's platform is fully-integrated with Facebook so listeners can see what their [...]


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NEW! Reach the growing Asian music market with the largest digital music subscription service in the Asia region. Listeners can stream over 10 million music tracks from over 500 [...]


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The Australia-based on-demand streaming service offers music distribution to Australia, Indonesia and the US. Reach 500,000+ listeners and grow your fan base. Strength: Accessibility. Your fans can stream an [...]


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Slacker Radio lets your fans discover, share and buy your music via 300+ radio stations.Strength: Reach. Slacker comes pre-installed on millions of smartphones and consumer electronics devices, in addition to [...]

JB Hi-Fi Now Music

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JB Hi­Fi is the largest entertainment retailer in Australia. Starting with one store in 1974, there are now over 160 stores across the country. The JB Hi­Fi name is [...]

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