Xbox-ers want to hear your music. Tap into the nearly 35 million Xbox Live members by getting your music on one of the premier gaming consoles.

Strength: Platform. Xbox is huge and more and more gamers are trying out Xbox Music.
Store type: Downloads Streaming

NOTE: Microsoft announced that their new music service, Xbox Music, replaced Zune in October 2012.
With Xbox Music, you can stream and download music as well as create playlists and artist based stations for your tablet, PC, TV and phone. Distributing your music to Xbox Music makes it available for
stream or download on your Xbox 360, Windows Phone, and PC. Xbox 360, a premier home entertainment & video game system, blends content with a social entertainment network of nearly 35 million Xbox LIVE members. Windows Phone is currently available from more than 60 mobile operators in over 35 countries.

Go Live Time

It takes anywhere from 1­3 weeks for content to go live in Xbox Music.
h2>Xbox Music Store Territories

Xbox Music is currently available in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

How Xbox Sells your Music

Does Xbox Music sell your music via?


Pay Rate (How Much Xbox Music Pays You)

Paid Downloads

For songs sold individually off an album (10 tracks or less) in the Xbox Music Store, Sound Legends pays you the following:

Xbox Music Stores Worldwide You Receive Per Song
Australia AUD $0.99
Brazil BRL $0.75
Canada CAD $0.70
4.8kr YES
Eurozone EUR €0.70
Mexico MXN $8.40
New Zealand NZD $1.17
Norway 4.8kr
Sweden 5.8kr
Switzereland 0.89 CHF
United Kingdom GBP £0.49
United States USD $0.70


For albums sold (more than 10 tracks) in the Xbox Music Store, Sound Legends pays you the following:

Xbox Music Stores Worldwide You Receive Per Song
Australia AUD $9.90
Brazil BRL $7.50
Canada CAD $7.00
48kr YES
Eurozone EUR €5.40
Mexico MXN $84.00
New Zealand NZD $11.70
Norway 48kr
Sweden 58kr
Switzereland 8.90 CHF
United Kingdom GBP £4.90
United States USD $7.00

Payment earned outside of the U.S. is less for various reasons. First, payment on international sales is made in the local currency and therefore subject to exchange rate fluctuations when converted to U.S. dollars. Second, local laws may require that before remitting the money to Sound Legends, Xbox Music must deduct sums for applicable local taxes or other tariffs depending on the territory where you distribute your music. Third, the current wholesale price paid to you for international sales of your music may reflect a deduction for publishing royalties as Xbox Music pays those royalties to local copyright right societies and publishers (the “Copyright Deduction”) and then the copyright societies and/or pay out those royalties to the rights holders (even if you are the rights holder and/or control the underlying rights to the composition). The Copyright Deduction may vary per country depending on local laws and customs at the time of payment and are subject to change.

As always, Sound Legends pays you 100% of the proceeds that you earn on your sales through Xbox Music worldwide after these applicable deductions are applied.

Paid/Trial Streams

Xbox Music now offers a free ad­based streaming service and a paid subscription streaming service.

Since the Xbox Music store offers a subscription service, the payouts for their monthly subscribers (i.e. streaming sales) vary each month since it is based on percentages.

Xbox Music calculates subscription revenue as follows:

Xbox Music Subscription Revenue x Proportion % (Sound Legends Artists ÷ Paid Subscriber Plays) = Sound Legends Artist Music Sales for Xbox Music Subscriber


At this time, Xbox Music’s ad­ based streaming service will result in $0.00 payments for streams in the following countries: United States, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, New Zealand & Switzerland. This is because the free trial version of the service is not yet running advertisements in those countries. As soon as those countries begin running paid advertisements, they will be generating revenue which means Sound Legends artists will start receiving payments from ad­based streams in those countries. We are awaiting more information from Xbox on when they will begin generating ad­ based revenue in these countries.


We’ve built our Sound Legends to get songwriters (the person or entity that controls the copyright to the lyrics and melody of the song) all their royalties from sales and use of their songs around the world. To learn more about the additional separate royalties you earn as a Songwriter, see our Publishing Administration Help section.