A key player in the U.S., Rhapsody bought Napster and is expanding the Napster brand across Europe.

Strength: Music focus. Rhapsody and Napster are pure music brands and are not just in the game to sell devices.
Store type: Downloads Streaming

Rhapsody is a digital music service and a media player combined into one easy­to­use software program. You can subscribe to its music services to play and download over a million songs on demand, stream music or just use the media player to play your own CDs and MP3s.

Go Live Time

It takes anywhere from 1­3 weeks for content to go live in Rhapsody.

Rhapsody Store Territories

Rhapsody is currently available in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.

How Rhapsody Sells Your Music

Does Rhapsody sell your music via?



Through their subscription service, Rhapsody offers to sell music via permanent digital download or to stream music via their streaming service as much as the subscriber wants. Rhapsody offers a free trial subscription for non­customers which allows up to 25 free streams. Find out more about their subscription plans here.

There are several kinds of Rhapsody customers each with their own options for buying your music, each of which generates money for you in a different way:

• Rhapsody Subscribers can listen to an unlimited number of full­length songs while they are connected to the Internet and download an unlimited number of high­quality music files to their PC. They can listen to these downloaded songs online or offline and keep the music they download so long as their subscription is current. These songs and albums aren’t “purchased” or “permanent” downloads. there’s no way for a customer to burn or save the music, and as soon as the customer’s subscription lapses, they lose access to these “tethered downloads.” Rhapsody Subscribers can also buy permanent downloads (at a lower price than non­subscribers pay, currently a 10% discount per track).

• Rhapsody Non­subscribing Customers (called “Rhapsody 25”) can stream 25 songs each month before they are asked to put down a credit card to continue either as a Trial Subscriber or a Subscriber. Rhapsody Non­Subscribing Customers can also buy permanent downloads, but they pay more than subscribers.

• Rhapsody Trial Subscribers are trying out the Rhapsody subscription streaming service. Trial Subscriptions last 14 days. Trial subscribers have put down a credit card and typically get access for free for 14 days before being charged for the first month of subscription (see below for important details). Rhapsody Trial Subscribers can also buy permanent downloads at the market rate of $0.99 per track.

If a Rhapsody Non­subscribing customer permanently downloads your music, you get a payment. If a Rhapsody subscriber or Rhapsody trial subscriber permanently downloads, you also get a payment, but a fraction less. When a Rhapsody Subscriber streams or “tethered downloads” your songs, you get a payment, but when a Rhapsody Trial Subscriber streams, you don’t get a payment (see below).

Non­Subscribers can stream only up to 25 whole songs per month before they put down a credit card and opt in either to become Trail Subscribers or Subscribers, but if they stream one of your songs during this “Rhapsody 25,” you will receive payment.


Anyone in the United States can sign up for a Rhapsody Trial by putting down a credit card and get unlimited free streams for 14 days. If a customer streams your music during this period, you will not get any payment for the streams­­it’s considered promotional. This is a Rhapsody policy. If you do not like the idea of people streaming your music for free, please do not choose Rhapsody as one of your digital distribution stores.

Pay Rate (How Much Rhapsody Pays You)

Paid Downloads:

Albums and EPs are sold as downloads in two possible ways:

• Albums under 11 songs and EPs are priced by the song. To calculate how much you would receive from the sale of an album with less than 11 songs, multiply the number of songs by the pay rate for that kind of Rhapsody customer.

• Albums with 11 songs or more sold in their entirety have a set pay rate.

You will be able to see the exact pay rate Sound Legends pays you for each song or album/EP/single every time it’s downloaded or streamed from Rhapsody in your Sound Legends sales report. The pay rate
is available as an element in every line item. As always, this is all the money owed to you for that stream or download, NOTHING was taken by Sound Legends.

Paid Streams:

When a subscriber streams your music (this excludes non­subscriber streams that are 30 seconds or less), you get paid a proportionate share of Rhapsody’s subscription revenue per month. The payout rates can fluctuate each month, depending on how much subscription revenue was generated and how often your music was streamed.