Juke is the flagship service of German company 24-7 Entertainment, which also powers the music stores of Media Markt, Play.com, Medion, Danish Telekom and more.

Strength: Connections. Easy access to multiple retailers, all through one click.

Store type: Downloads Streaming

Powered by 24­7 Entertainment

24­7 is Europe’s leading Digital Entertainment Provider. They provide music retailing services to some of the largest telcos, retailers, electronics manufacturers and media companies in the world including JUKE, Media Markt, Play.com, Medion, Danish Telekom (TDC), MixUp (Carso Group), CDON (Modern Times Group) and many more.

Go Live Time

It takes about 1 week for content to go live in JUKE and and all other retailers powered by 24­7 Entertainment.

JUKE / 247 Entertainment Territories (Where Music Sells)

24­7 Entertainment retailers are available in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. Please note, not all retailers are in all territories.

JUKE is available in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

How JUKE / 247 Entertainment Sells Your Music

Does 247 Entertainment sell your music via?


*Streaming is only offereed in the JUKE store, but there is no way to limit your music to a particular 24­7 Entertainment retailer.

Does JUKE sell your music via?



Pay Rate (How Much JUKE / 247 Entertainment Pays You)

Paid Downloads:

Downloads are available through a selection of 24­7’s retailers across Europe and in Mexico. Payouts are based on territory specific rate cards, so for songs downloaded individually in a store, you will be paid the wholesale price of 24­7 Entertainment’s retail price calculated on terms set out in SoundLegends’s blanket agreement with the store.

Paid Streams:

When a subscriber streams your music, you get paid a proportionate share of JUKE / 24­7 Entertainment’s subscription revenue per month calculated on terms set out in SoundLegends’s blanket agreement with the store (this usually excludes streams during a subscriber’s free trial). Payments will fluctuate each month, depending on the amount of subscription revenue generated and how often your music was streamed.


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